We offer an extensive range of products for pool care and hot tub care requirements such as: Sanitizers, Balancers, Oxidisers, Specialty Salts and more.

Commercial Services

Pools Services

Our Staff can assist you with pool servicing, water testing and balancing your pool. Whether you need regular visits, winterising, holiday maintenance or green pool treatment, you can rely on us. We advise that you regularly maintain and service your swimming pool to keep your water and chlorine well balanced and in good condition.

We offer maintenance packages that are designed to suit your requirements. Choose from a weekly, monthly or annual contract, which is adaptable according to the seasons. We maintain your swimming pool so it is ready to use around the clock.Our staff always make sure your filtration equipment is working well and that your pool is kept squeaky clean. 

We supply, install and repair all kind of accessories needed to any swimming pool including: Slides, Ladders, Covers and more.

Residential Services

Pool Chemicals 

  • Equipment Checking          
  • Auto Pool Cleaner Advice                
  • Filter & Pump Maintenance    
  • Controllers Maintenance        

Pool Accessories

Pool Parts

  • Pool Tile Cleaning & Replacement        
  • Stain Removal        
  • Leak Detection          
  • Chemical Analysis; Testing and Balancing      

We supply and install an extensive range of pool spare parts such as filters, filter cartridges, Nature2 cartridges, pump baskets and motor spares including bearings, overloads, capacitors & mechanical seals to pumps and parts including switches and more. 

  • Pool floor debris vacuuming          
  • Pool cover cleaning
  • Underwater light bulb changing
  • Pool repairs